For all the couples looking for their special moments being captured by camera we would like to offer an unique  photo session on our leaned castle as well as in Upside Down House or in Labyrinth. You can book photo shoot with our photographer or arrange your own one. For those ones in love, please remember  our leaned castle brings luck for a lifetime.

As You perhaps already know, the old legend tells, that the last leaned castle has been torn down in medieval times. Maybe that’s the reason why nowadays it is so hard to find an ideal spot for an unusual photo session?

How many newlyweds took their wedding photos on a leaned castle?

How many couples took pictures in a labyrinth shaped of an Upside Down House?

How many couples or newlyweds took pictures in the most lopsided Upside Down House in the world?

The answer is the exact same amount of couples that have visited us.

Whole theme park to the couple disposal

We welcome all couples from around the world