Upside Down Pattaya - 2016-07-19 08:10:56

Upside down house ? Sure!

At the first glimpse one could say that it is an ordinary upside down house, same as other build around the world. One simply couldn’t be more mistaken as it is not a standard upside down house. We are please to present to You the most lopsided Upside Down House which has ever been built on the globe. What does it really mean ? It means loads of fun and laughter as well as an experiencing the unbelievable feeling of our senses and bony labyrinth being cheated. Our amusement has been prepared especially for those, to whom just looking at the furniture attached to the ‘ceiling’ and walking on the flat interior became boring. If you are visiting this type of building for the first time ever, you will laugh yourself to death.

From the very first moment after entering our house you can feel as on the swaying sea or …. as after drinking couple of shots. The interior of our house is equipped in modern furniture, stereo and working TV, just like in every  standard European house. Everything in the house is working because it is real. From the beginnings of the project till its finalization we knew, that the house can’t be just a copy of a normal house. It had to be exactly the same. So we’ve created from the scratch real, fully functional house with the difference, that we’ve sat the house on its roof, leaned everything inside and additionally we’ve lifted the gable of the house up. Obtained effect became a true illusion to the humans brain. Every single feeling in our brain becomes unreal… however… the illusion is working.

The view from the saloon at the top storey stretches across the Great Image of Buddha on the rock near the Silverlake.