Upside Down Pattaya - 2016-07-19 08:05:11

We are pleased to invite You to our magical castle. The one and only leaning castle in the entire world and first ever European castle in Asia. It is our original project from A -Z , which guarantees its uniqueness. Which one of the ladies wouldn’t like to feel as a real princess living in the castle ? And which one of the Gentlemen wouldn’t like to feel as  knight concurring  the medieval castle. Most certainly, it is one of the most original places in Pattaya to take memorable photos. We would like to especially welcome here people taking pictures with cameras on tripods, as from the baileys there is a view stretching across the whole amusement park and centre of the city on the horizon.

Off course as every castle, this one as well has its very own host. We can assure You, that the armed knight residing the castle is very kind and gladly poses to the pictures.

As an old Macedonian legend tells, every couple, which will have a kiss on the baileys of the leaned castle will last in love and abundance till their advanced ages. For this reason many couples announced their visit to our theme park before its opening day. However we would like to invite You to our castle today, as one kiss on the baileys can change everything for the life time. Remember, there is a kernel of truth in every legend and our leaned castle is the only one in the world.