Our other attraction is labyrinth (maze)  designed by Sławek Michorzewski –  famous  polish artist and writer.  Labyrinth (maze) has been constructed in a way, that everyone can take pleasure from challenging themselves in finding the way out.

If you are uncertain of your ability to find the way out you don’t have to worry as we have thought of everyone. There are two ways leading to the aim. First, a very easy one in which you basically can’t get lost and second of a medium level of complexity.

Additional and unusual attraction of the labyrinth (maze) is a view pier, from which one can find the right way out with an ease as well as take a memory photo shoot.

Inside of the labyrinth (maze) you can find a contour of the upside down house formatted from the plants  in which You can find XXL size furniture. It’s an another reason to find the right way out quickly and enjoy the view of few meter tall table and chair.

Upside Down Pattaya - 2016-07-19 07:44:27